Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney

When choosing an estate planning attorney, you have a few options. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family members, as well as the state bar association and probate court in your local area. Another way to find an estate planning attorney is to check online reviews or watch TV advertisements. Although estate planning attorneys do not have any special certifications, they often describe themselves as estate planning professionals, and discuss their specific areas of expertise. Make sure that you feel comfortable and confident talking to your estate planning attorney, as this is an important decision.

When choosing an estate plan, you need to consider if you are married and have children from previous marriages. You may also want to plan for a disabled person, who may receive government benefits. In addition, you may wish to transfer your assets outside of probate, such as your home or checking account. Additionally, you should consider obtaining life insurance to supplement your estate. You may not have considered this option before, but it can be a great idea to consult an estate planning attorney for guidance.

While you may be thinking that estate planning is for the wealthy, everyone should consider the cost of a professional’s services. The fee may be worth it, however, as you won’t have to worry about paying taxes. Most estate planning attorneys charge hourly fees for their services. A typical hourly fee is $245. The fees may vary depending on the complexity of the plan, but you will never be responsible for them. If you are married, your attorney may charge a higher fee. The fee will vary based on the complexity of the estate plan.

In addition to helping you set up an estate plan, an estate planning attorney may also represent you in probate court after your death. This can make the process easier. It is also wise to look for an estate planning attorney who is reasonably priced and transparent with their fees. It’s also important to seek out recommendations from friends and family members, as an estate planning attorney can quickly gain a negative reputation. The Zimmet Law Group is committed to providing compassionate legal services.

The cost of working with an estate planning attorney is dependent on the complexity of the situation, the services rendered, and where you live. In many cities, attorneys charge more than in rural areas. Prices also vary based on what services are included in the estate planning process. If you’re looking for a consultation, ask for a quote before meeting with the estate planning attorney. You’ll be glad you did. After all, you should have a plan to follow in the event of your death.

A Juris Doctorate is one of the most essential requirements for an estate planning attorney. The license is required to practice in your state. Before applying for a J.D., you must have earned your bachelor’s degree. Applicants should take accounting, finance, and taxation courses. Once admitted, most attorneys start their careers as associates and progress through the partner or non-partner track. In the end, they progress to partner and senior attorney positions.

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