How a Probate Attorney Can Help You Sell Real Estate

Whether you’re selling an estate or simply need help understanding how to divide real property in a will, a probate attorney may be of benefit. They can help you sell real estate faster and resolve issues related to will interpretation that may be preventing you from completing the sale.

How Much Does a Probate Attorney Cost?

Depending on the size and complexity of an estate, a probate attorney can either charge an hourly fee or a flat fee. They can also accept a percentage of the estate’s value as defined by state law.

When Is a Probate Lawyer Necessary?

A probate attorney is useful in certain situations, such as when the appointed personal representative isn’t comfortable navigating the legal process or when the estate is large and complicated. They can also be a great asset if you’re unsure about the status of a decedent’s assets or are concerned that someone may be trying to take advantage of them.

If You Need a Probate Attorney for Real Estate Inheritance

For example, if a person passes away with a large estate, it can be very difficult to sell that property without the assistance of a probate attorney. This is because probate can drag on forever and if a house or other piece of property is still tied to a will, it may take longer to sell.

In these situations, a probate lawyer can help you accelerate the probate process and clear up any misunderstandings among beneficiaries or family members who aren’t getting along. These lawyers can also inform families of their options if they are considering filing for a lawsuit to contest the distribution of real estate or other assets.

How Do I Choose a Probate Attorney?

If you’re looking for a probate attorney, make sure to look for one that has experience handling estates. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly and that you’re not faced with any unexpected issues.

You should also look for a probate lawyer who is familiar with your local court system and its rules. This will ensure that your case will be handled as quickly as possible and that your lawyer can provide you with an accurate estimate of how long the probate process will take.

Are You a Real Estate Agent Who Needs a Probate Attorney?

If a person passes away with a large commercial or residential estate, it can be very difficult to sell this property without the assistance of a probate lawyer. This is because the estate can be encumbered with existing debts and taxes that need to be paid before it can be sold.

A probate lawyer can help you accelerate the process of selling this type of property and avoid the need for a lawsuit, which can be costly and drain the estate. They can also assist you in determining if your estate is large enough to go through a formal process or an informal procedure, which can be less expensive and take a shorter amount of time.

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