Real Estate Attorneys Can Advise Buyers and Sellers

Real estate attorneys are professionals who help individuals, companies, as well as governments buy, sell, and manage real estate properties. These professionals specialize in a specific area of the real estate law and may be familiar with cases similar to yours. To find the best lawyer for your particular needs, it pays to ask questions and do some background research. A real estate attorney’s website can provide you with information on how to contact that professional and get an idea of his or her expertise. There are also plenty of web sites, including online legal directories, that provide a directory of real estate attorneys.

In the case of an owner-occupant who has purchased a house but does not wish to hold title or has decided to rent the property while waiting for a buyer, a real estate attorney can provide legal advice. This type of legal advice is not limited to situations involving property acquisition, although it is often the first course of action taken by those seeking to purchase property. A real estate attorney can assist owners with issues such as selling a house, protecting the seller’s rights in the sale of the property, working out contracts, drafting closing documents, and organizing title insurance policies.

When it comes to conducting business with tenants, a real estate attorney is indispensable. Tenants often have their own legal problems that they may not be aware of or in which they simply do not have the time to address. An experienced attorney can make sure these problems are properly resolved. For example, if a tenant moves out without giving notice, this can often be grounds for eviction. Legal fees would not be able to protect the landlord’s interests if an eviction was ordered without proper knowledge of the rights of the tenant.

Homebuyers who are facing difficulty in qualifying for a mortgage or securing a loan should consider engaging the services of real estate attorneys. This is because many buyers are unaware of the complicated paperwork involved in home purchases and do not understand all of the nuances involved. It can be easy for some buyers to fall prey to unscrupulous sellers. A real estate lawyer can review paperwork and determine if the documentation is complete and accurate. This can make the difference between purchasing a home at a low price and purchasing one at exorbitant prices.

In some cases, a seller may attempt to hide a deficient transaction from a buyer. The resulting bad experience can damage the reputations of both parties. While the seller may attempt to hide the negatives on a mortgage papers, the buyer does not have the same ability to verify the information. When a buyer is forced to dispute the negative information on a purchase agreement or contract, the seller can use this to his or her advantage and make the contract unfavorable. By hiring a real estate lawyer, the buyer can have this lawyer examine the contract to make sure that the negative information is incorrect and void. If not, the buyer can use this to get out from under the negative obligations of the contract.

Realtors often have very little experience when it comes to real estate auctions. In most states, you must be licensed in order to participate in an auction, attend the auction and be present during the final day of the sale. You can find out whether you need to be licensed by contacting your state’s Department of Financial Services. Real estate attorneys can assist the buyer or seller with any licensing questions and ensure that the transaction is completely legally binding. An attorney can also ensure that all of the necessary forms are properly completed, the property is transferred correctly and that no default occurs after the transaction closes.

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