Mission Statement # 1

Mission Statement # 1 – This Law office is dedicated to providing the highest level of ethical, professional and legal representation to achieve your goals.

Mission Statement 2

Mission Statement # 2 – This is accomplished by taking the time too fully understand your unique and special situation.

Mission Statement 3

Mission Statement # 3 – This is achieved by integrating Paul’s expertise as a Special Agent for the IRS (Criminal Investigations), legal training in probate and trust Law, financing and investment structuring.

Probate Attorney can help

Having experienced legal representation in the form of a Probate Attorney can help to make this process less stressful, and allow for the process to move forward quickly, and efficiently, without any legal delays.

Probate Attorney that is also a Tax Attorney

Having a Probate Attorney that is also a Tax Attorney can prevent a taxable event in the Probate process.

Real Estate Attorney

A Probate Attorney who has extensive real estate experience can be extremely helpful when a home or homes are involved in the Probate.