When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

A Real Estate Attorney handles legal issues involving property ownership. They help buyers, sellers and lenders with foreclosures and short sales. They also handle issues with zoning and building permits, property tax assessments and homeowner associations.

Many states require a licensed real estate attorney to be present during the closing of a real estate transaction. These include Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

Most people who are engaged in a real estate transaction will hire an attorney to help them understand their roles and responsibilities and ensure that the process is completed correctly. A good real estate lawyer will be able to negotiate for their clients, provide advice, and answer questions that arise throughout the process. They will also be able to advise clients on the most effective way to proceed with their real estate investment.

When to hire a Real Estate Attorney

The best time to hire a real estate attorney is before the closing of a sale. If you wait until afterward, it may be difficult to find someone who is available. Additionally, a seller or buyer who waits until after they have already signed a contract may be committed to unfavorable terms in the contract that a real estate attorney could have helped them avoid.

When choosing a real estate attorney, you should ask several questions to gauge their experience. For example, you should ask about their prior real estate transactions and what percentage of their practice is dedicated to this area. You should also ask about their fee and whether it is a flat rate or time-based.

Depending on the complexity of your case, you may need to hire a specialist real estate attorney who can handle specialized real estate transactions and litigation. Specialized attorneys have extensive knowledge of complex real estate law and can quickly and efficiently handle your case. They can also assist you in negotiating with your lender, if needed, and handle other complicated issues that might arise during the real estate transaction.

If you are buying or selling real estate, you should speak with a skilled New York Real Estate Lawyer in NYC about your specific situation. Contact Sishodia PLLC today to schedule a consultation.

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